Peter Enns: I think we have a different God

Dr. Peter Enns, formerly of BioLogos, has a new blog post today on the historical Adam debate. Apparently, he thinks he understands why there is such a difference of opinion between those who believe Adam was the literal first man and those who believe Adam is a story.

He thinks we have a different God. I’m inclined to agree, although not for the reasons he suggests.

HT: The Aquila Report

2 thoughts on “Peter Enns: I think we have a different God

  1. Already Reedemed in Texas says:

    This whole “enter In” business is about to do me in. So our choice is a God who “enters in” vs. a God who “keeps his distance”. Apparently Enns considers himself to be on the I-see-God-as-more-personal-than-you-do team. I would argue that Enns doesn’t go far enough. God more than entered in to the human experience, He authored it. He didn’t humble himself for a little dip in the pool of the human story. He didn’t just look around for gaps in which to squeeze some of His God-ness in a culturally-friendly way. His hands, His words, His very breath shaped us from quark to soul.

    You speak truth Sister, Enns’ god is quite different from ours.


  2. reformedsinger says:

    I thought of Enns’ “different god” post today when I read another story. Apparently Jeremiah Wright feels that he and Clarence Thomas also have a different god. There seems to be a lot of that going around.


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