What is the BioLogos View of Origins?

Wes White has a great summary of the BioLogos view on his blog today. Here is an short excerpt:

BioLogos is an organization and movement that promotes the acceptance of evolutionary theory among evangelicals. The goal is not to replace Scripture but to synthesize evolutionary theory and the biblical record. Here is a brief statement of what they believe: “It [the BioLogos view] accepts the modern scientific consensus on the age of the earth and common ancestry, including the common ancestry of humans.” In regards to Adam and Eve, the Biologos view is that there are various ways of reconciling the views of biological evolutionists with the biblical record. Consequently, we can summarize the BioLogos view of evolution this way:

  1. BioLogos accepts the view that the world is billions of years old.
  2. BioLogos accepts the common ancestry of animal life on earth.
  3. BioLogos accepts the evolutionary view that humans share a common ancestry with other animals.
  4. BioLogos believes there are various ways to reconcile the Scriptural data concerning Adam and Eve with the evolutionary view.

You can read the rest on Pastor White’s blog.

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