One short thought on back to school

It’s back to school time, and I just wanted to encourage parents to think before we speak (in person or online). Our dear, sweet children are always listening to the words we say. Even when we think they aren’t.

I know that many of us are excited about school starting back. It’s the start of a new year of learning and friendships and adventure. It’s also a time to get back into a regular, predictable schedule.┬áBut please watch what we say in front of the kids.

When parents gleefully drop their kids off at school with plans to go out and celebrate their new found “freedom,” what message does that send our kids? That we can’t wait to get rid of them? That it’s a good thing they’re “someone else’s problem” now?

With all the messages that our society sends that children are a burden (and not a blessing), let’s not add to that by making our children think that we love our freedom more than we do them.

In case you think it’s no big deal to celebrate the return of “kids free time,” just imagine how you’d feel if your husband said something like this:

“Thank goodness vacation is over! I don’t think I could stand to spend another day with my wife. I mean, I love her, but that many days together was just more that I can take. I really need some time to myself.”

Just a thought.