Just How Big a Tent Are We Talking?

Dr. Clair Davis, a Teaching Elder in the PCA and professor at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX, has an article today about the “Big Tent” and the PCA. He suggests that the churches leaving the PCUSA right now think the PCA is too conservative, but that maybe we should all be together:

After a quarter-century as OPC I moved on to the PCA. It was a good move. I think it put me among people who knew more clearly what things were really important and which weren’t. But another quarter-century has gone by! Finally, finally many are leaving the PCUSA, the church where I heard the gospel and believed. But they aren’t coming to the PCA. They think about us they way I thought about the OPC! What does that mean? Where do I belong? Could we all belong together, after all?

From what I can tell, many of the churches leaving the PCUSA still disagree with the PCA about the ordination of women and the inerrancy of Scripture. These are just two of the many reasons the PCA was formed in the first place. I’m not sure what kind of tent would be necessary to hold us all.