Book Update and an Explanation of Southern Naming Customs

Great news!! My book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-order. The book will be released September 3rd!

I wanted to give a little background about the book and about how my name appears on the cover. As the blurb on Amazon says, the basic thesis of the book is:

Theologically conservative Christians want to embrace a biblical understanding of women and men, but the beliefs of Greeks, Romans, and Victorians have had undue influence on contemporary teaching. Although modern discussions have focused on authority and submission, Rachel Green Miller believes that there is more to the biblical picture of women and men. As she examines and corrects conservative teaching on gender, she draws out equally important themes in Scripture that will strengthen our relationship as co-laborers in the kingdom of God.

Aimee Byrd has written the foreward for me, and the following people have done me the honor of endorsing my book: Valerie Hobbs,  Carl Trueman, Liam Goligher, Todd Bordow, Hannah Anderson, Wendy Alsup, Christina Fox, Jacob Denhollander, Sam Powell, John Fonville, Eowyn Stoddard, and Abby Hutto.

As for my name on the book, let me explain a bit about Southern naming customs. In the South, it’s common for  women to make their maiden name their middle name when they get married. Family names are important to us, and we often use them as middle names with our sons too. It’s a way of honoring and preserving our genealogy.

When I married Matt, I took his last name and made my maiden name, Green, my middle name. I’ve only ever used “Rachel Miller” informally and professionally. When I joined social media, I used my full name, Rachel Green Miller, for two reasons. First, my name is extremely common, and I wanted a way to differentiate from the other “Rachel Millers” out there. Second, I was trying to connect with childhood and college friends who knew me as Rachel Green. Using my whole name meant my friends would recognize my name.

Back when I started blogging and then writing for various theological organizations, I wrote using my first and last name (except when I used a pseudonym, but that’s another story). My bio at the Aquila Report and here and most everywhere else had me as Rachel Miller. But, once upon a time, an editor friend who knew me on social media ran one of my articles with my full name as it appears on social media. It didn’t bother me in the least, but I was amused by what happened next.

After that article ran, guys who disagreed about me started referring to me by my full name or the initials, RGM. Apparently, my full name was “proof” that I’m a feminist or something or other. (Hint: I’m not.)

When it came time for me to decide how my name should appear on the cover of my book, I had several options. I could use “Rachel Miller” like I’ve always done. But that has similar issues with it being such a common name. I’d planned to use “Rachel G. Miller” for the differentiation, but I finally settled on using my full name, Rachel Green Miller, for a handful of reasons.

In addition to the reasons that I use my full name on social media, I wanted to use my full name to honor my parents. They raised me to love the Lord and to study the Word. I couldn’t have written the book without them. But I also decided to use my full name because I’m not ashamed of who I am. My name is what it is and I’m proud of each part of it.

So, that’s the story of how my book cover got to be the way it is. Hope you enjoy my book!


Book Update

I’m excited to announce that I have a book contract with P&R Publishing! My book is on the relationship between men and women and how we should live and work together in the home, church, and society. I want to help move the conversation beyond the current focus on authority and submission. Not that those aren’t important, but there are other biblical concepts that I believe are essential including unity, love, interdependence, and service.

My hope is that by studying these topics and how they relate to women and men in the home, church, and society, believers will be strengthened and encouraged. Together then we can be a blessing to families and churches and to our society which so desperately needs the truth of the gospel.

We’re in the editing stages right now, and I’ll share more details later about when my book will be available and how to get a copy. In the meantime,  I also wanted to announce that I’m available to speak at retreats and conferences. If that’s something you’d be interested in talking with me about, please feel free to send me a message on the “About” page here or through Twitter or Facebook.