A Tale of Two Bible Story Books

Recently, I’ve been looking for a Bible story book for my youngest son. One of the things I looked for was how each book dealt with various passages. For example, the creation account. Here are two different story books, and their explanation of the creation of Adam and Eve:

But God saved the best for last. From the beginning, God had a shining dream in his heart. He would make people to share his Forever Happiness. They would be his children, and the world would be their perfect home.

So God breathed life into Adam and Eve. The Jesus Storybook Bible, 9-10


God made human beings to rule over the animals and to take care of the whole earth. God made Adam from the dust of the ground and he breathed life into him. God did not want Adam to be alone. He made him fall into a deep sleep and removed one of Adam’s ribs. From this rib, God made a woman called Eve. She was Adam’s wife and helper. 365 Great Bible Stories, 11

Notice anything significantly different between the two? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to me that the first example leaves out the very important part about how God made Adam and Eve. Given the current discussions over the historicity of Adam, I thought the omission rather interesting. What do you think?