From the Comments

Occasionally, I get comments that I don’t let through moderation. Typically, the comments that don’t make the cut are rude, or obscene, or are simply name-calling screeds. Sometimes, I do let them through, like today, so that others can see the kind of responses I get.

The following comment was left by “Eric Malroy” although he signed it as “Thomas” at the end. Apparently whoever it is can’t remember which alias he’s using today.

I find your propping yourself up as a teacher of the word highly offensive given the fact that you fail to follow biblical teachings and principles. You bring forward charges against Doug Wilson but hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. You operate like the devil, hiding in the background, shooting your poison darts, and cackling in the background! Are you a teacher of the word? To be fair, I don’t know about Doug Wilson, but I do know that you twist his words and he has no chance to respond and defend himself. You respond that he can reply to your charges, but it is filtered by you! Who are you to operate a court against a teaching elder in the church? Essentially, that is what you are doing! If you have a charge against the man, then you need the place it against the man openly revealing yourself and working through the church. Otherwise you should keep your mouth shut and let God work, either approving his work or condemning it! Certainly, you can pray in all this but you should be biblical. You should not be a busybody in the church, if you are a truly Reformed Daughter! Yours in Christ, Thomas