Have you read these?

Since I started working with the Aquila Report at the beginning of the year, I haven’t had the time to write like I usually do. I am working on a handful of posts, and I hope to publish them soon. Until then, here are a handful of the best articles I’ve read this last week. Enjoy!

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me: Carl Trueman hits one out of the park with this one:

Dr. Tim Keller, one of the two most senior TGC leaders, also sees the church’s attitude to evolution as a watershed issue for the gospel. Unlike Dr. Mohler, however, he has made it clear over the last few years that he is not only committed to some form of theistic evolution (though maintaining an historical Adam, reconstructed in light of evolutionary theory) but also regards the church’s failure to take evolution on board as potentially catastrophic. His comments to this effect at a Biologos-sponsored colloquy were reported by Christianity Today here; and Mike Kruger offers an excellent response to that particular gathering here.

Our Regard for Scripture: Too Low, Too Human, Too Safe: Tim Challies on how we should treat Scripture:

More than once I have been accused of being a bibliolater, a person who idolizes the Bible, who has excessive reverence for the letter of the Bible. I’m sure many other Christians have been accused of this as well. In my experience, this charge tends to be leveled against those who affirm the infallibility or inerrancy of Scripture; it may also be leveled against those who affirm the sufficiency of Scripture. People who level such a charge are objecting to what they see as a woodenness of faith and practice that stems from an understanding of Scripture they deem too literal. I am quite sure that I do not idolize the Bible and I am quite sure it is far more difficult to do than the accusers may think.

What Your Pastor Tells His Wife about You: Megan Hill with an excellent article on what Pastors share with their wives:

While pastors and their wives are wrestling with the issue of how much and which confidential information to share with one another, the general public is shocked . . . shocked to find that we share anything.

Against the Objectification of Females: Marty Duren on how women are treated in our culture:

The differences between the woman in the revealing swimwear, drunken coeds on Girls Gone Wild, a prostitute, a stripper or a sexually exploited child are only in the extremes and opportunities. The mindset is the same. Objects have no opinion, no right of refusal, no humanity, no femininity. Like a tire or a piece of lumber they are only good for as long as needed, then discarded. Human waste.

Could a Split Be Good for the PCA?: Sam DeSocio with an idea whose time may have come:

A break up of the denominational continent would forces churches to ask, “who should we be? What do we want our denomination to be know for?” For most of us it is easier to look back and say, “this is what we were about”, rather to look forward and say this is what we want to be about. Each of the new denominations would look slightly different and it would give local churches the chance to say who do we best fit with, and whom do we best partner with in our local ministry.