Declaration Rejecting All Evolutionary Views of Adam’s Origin

Rocky Mountain Presbytery (PCA) has sent an overture to the 40th General Assembly of the PCA on the issue of the historicity of Adam and Eve. The overture seeks to affirm the declaration adopted by the old Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS) in 1886, 1888, and 1924 which states:

That Adam and Eve were created, body and soul, by immediate acts of Almighty power, thereby preserving a perfect race unity;

That Adam’s body was directly fashioned by Almighty God, without any natural animal parentage of any kind, out of matter previously created from nothing.

The overture also references the BioLogos Foundation and its influence on the evangelical world:

Whereas, evangelicalism has seen the increasing influence of organizations such as The Biologos Forum founded to defend the following view: “We have found that the methods of the natural sciences provide the most reliable guide to understanding the material world, and the current evidence from science indicates that the diversity of life is best explained as a result of an evolutionary process.” Biologos purports to be evangelical and accept the authority of Scripture but yet“[i]t accepts the modern scientific consensus on the age of the earth and common ancestry, including the common ancestry of humans;”

It should be interesting to see what comes of this. To read the full overture, click here.

One thought on “Declaration Rejecting All Evolutionary Views of Adam’s Origin

  1. Rebecca Miller says:

    I am glad to hear it. Biologos must lower scripture under the authority of the conclusions a group of scientists have come to regarding evolution. I don’t think we can back down on this issue.


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