BioLogos Conference: Hosted by Dr. Tim Keller

I guess that answers the question about whether or not he supports them. From the BioLogos newsletter:

On March 20–22, 2012, noted evangelical pastor Dr. Timothy Keller hosted the meetings at the Harvard Club in New York City. That in itself has symbolic significance. Harvard University was founded on principles firmly grounded in the Word of God in its pursuit of truth. But since then, Harvard has lost its way. Some wonder if a segment of the church is now in danger of losing its way too.

A statement emerged from each of the first two “Theology of Celebration” meetings, which were held in November 2009 and November 2010. The third meeting, held in March 2012, showed that the conversation has reached a new level of maturity. Given data that was presented at the meeting—which convincingly showed that almost half of America’s protestant pastors hold or strongly lean toward a belief in a universe less than 10,000 years old—there was a deep concern for the church not only in America, but also worldwide. This time, leading evangelical Christians left with not so much a statement as an urgent desire to bring about change. The church of the coming decades cannot divorce itself from matters about which there is scientific certainty.

One thought on “BioLogos Conference: Hosted by Dr. Tim Keller

  1. Eileen says:

    >>…participants wrestled with some of the tough theological questions that evangelicals have as we face the reality of God having created through an evolutionary process.

    >>The church of the coming decades cannot divorce itself from matters about which there is scientific certainty.

    Rachel, I think you are taking this report in a woodenly literalistic fashion that the text of the article does not demand. When the Biologos (I refuse to capitalize the “L”) crew says “reality” and “certainty” they are using exalted prose or perhaps poetry to convey something much bigger like, “We are a bunch of self-certified Really Smart Dudes, and we will let you know what the Bible says–because we have all the reality and certainty you need, you silly plowpersons!”

    I’m an evangelical, and I’m wrestling with a tough philosophy of science question as a result of this article: What is the meaning of “scientific certainty” and when do we know that we have achieved it? “Scientific Certainty” seems a bit oxymoronicish to me. If there is such thing as scientific certainty, it seems to me that ideas like “virgins do not become pregnant” and “dead men do not move a multi-ton stone out of the way and walk out of their tombs after three days” might qualify as scientific certainties before evolution does.


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