A Eulogy for a Blog

Pastor Wes White announced yesterday on his blog that he is retiring from the blogosphere. He plans to focus more of his time and energy on local ministry. I can certainly attest to the amount of time it takes to maintain a blog of that size, but I am very sad to see him close up shop. I thought I’d share a bit of my own story and how Pastor Wes’ blog played a role in it.

A couple of years ago, my family and I were happily ensconced in a good-sized PCA church. We were very active in the various ministry opportunities, and we had lots of friends there. We had never really heard of Federal Vision or New Perspective on Paul. We knew N.T. Wright’s name, but only had a vague idea who he was or why anyone would care what he had to say. We were fairly happy in our ignorance.

Then we began to notice a shift in the messages. It was subtle and hard to pinpoint, but something seemed off to us. We started reading and researching to understand what this new emphasis was and where it was coming from. That led us to N.T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope. After we left that church and began to look for a new church, we continued to read and research to understand the issues within the PCA and to give us a better idea of what to look for in our next church. God has blessed us with a wonderful church now. We are truly grateful to hear the Gospel proclaimed so clearly.

It was during this time that I came across Pastor Wes’ blog. He had so much information and discussion on the very issues I had been researching. I contacted him to ask for some additional resources. He was very gracious in responding and helping me. This is when I began to research and write for the blogs. Pastor Wes gave me my first opportunity to publish my thoughts. He has been a great source of encouragement and support.

We will all miss Pastor Wes’ blog very much. I have been honored to have been a part of it. I know there are many people like me who have been helped and encouraged through his words and through the other commentators there. I pray that I can be a help to others through my work here.

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