A Bible Reading Plan and Bible Study for the New Year

For the last several years, I have been reading the Bible through each year. I’ve used several different plans, and there are elements of each that I’ve really enjoyed. But last year I wanted to do something different. I like the idea of reading each book through so that you get a good feel for the flow of the book. But I really don’t like to wait until the last third of the year to read the New Testament. I love reading the Wisdom Literature, but I think I appreciate them more in smaller portions.

So, after looking through the various Bible reading plans available, I decided to create my own. There’s a decent chance that someone has made one just like this already. If so, please let me know. I’d be glad to share it.

My plan alternates between Old Testament and New Testament books, but completes one book at a time. On the weekends, my plan has readings from the Psalms on Saturdays and a chapter from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, or Song of Songs on Sundays.

I attempted to portion out the readings so that it wouldn’t be too much for any one day, but I may need to adjust the readings as I go through it this year. Below you’ll find a link to the pdf document with the full reading plan.

A Daughter of the Reformation Bible Reading Plan

I’m also planning to use Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible to supplement my reading. I’m hoping that the combination of Bible reading and Bible study will be helpful this year. I’d love to hear what your plans are for the year.

14 thoughts on “A Bible Reading Plan and Bible Study for the New Year

  1. Eric Malroy says:

    I find your propping yourself up as a teacher of the word highly offensive given the fact that you fail to follow biblical teachings and principles. You bring forward charges against Doug Wilson but hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. You operate like the devil, hiding in the background, shooting your poison darts, and cackling in the background! Are you a teacher of the word? To be fair, I don’t know about Doug Wilson, but I do know that you twist his words and he has no chance to respond and defend himself. You respond that he can reply to your charges, but it is filtered by you! Who are you to operate a court against a teaching elder in the church? Essentially, that is what you are doing! If you have a charge against the man, then you need the place it against the man openly revealing yourself and working through the church. Otherwise you should keep your mouth shut and let God work, either approving his work or condemning it! Certainly, you can pray in all this but you should be biblical. You should not be a busybody in the church, if you are a truly Reformed Daughter! Yours in Christ, Thomas


    • Greg Smith says:

      Rachael can of course speak for herself, but I must interject here. First, where is your evidence that she “filters” anything. That implies cowardly and dishonest censorship. Evidence please?

      Second, she is not anonymous. Her name and even photos and affiliations are readily available. What would you have her do? Post her address and SS#.

      Third, anybody can say anything they want on the internet and anybody else can either ignore or engage them. Exposing error is a good thing whether the duly ordained church synods take action or not. Usually not anymore. I’m not even talking about Wilson here. Just generally.

      Fourth, you don’t get to come somebody else’s house and tell them to shut their mouth. Tell her that from your place.

      Also, how is your name Eric AND Thomas? Are you yourself hiding something?

      Ya need to get a grip bub. Rachael is simply speaking her mind and makes no particular claim to office or credibility that I know of and lets her articles speak for themselves. NObody has to listen, including you.

      I suspect you just don’t like girls or something.


  2. Eric Malroy says:

    Rachel Miller (is this your real name?) This response is directed to you since I don’t see your email address. I originally meant this response to be sent to you directly by email and I did not realize that it would be posted. As such I request that it be pulled along with the alleged name given as the writer of the post (you could get yourself into legal trouble if I show him the link). There is a difference between having a website dedicated to destroying a man, and posting anonymously on the website. If you want to discuss this privately more, please provide an email address. Thank you, Thomas


    • Rachel Miller says:

      Yes, this is my real name. I did not attribute your comment to anyone other than the name left by you. The comment, and this one, were made by “Eric Malroy” and signed Thomas. If you want to contact me privately, you can do so using the “About” page on this blog. What legal trouble would I be in for allowing a comment to post to my blog? That is the purpose of commenting on a blog, isn’t it? I haven’t added to or taken away from the comment.


  3. Scripture Zealot says:

    Could I ask how you put that together so that it ended up being a year and didn’t take forever (I assume)? I would like to put my own together but it would take way too long unless I had some sort of tools and method to do it. Thanks.


  4. Deborah Seager says:

    Please send me this bible reading plan to my email address. Really needing one like this and keen to get starred.
    Many thanks.


  5. Ron Maness says:

    Hi Rachel:
    For several years I used the M’Cheyne plan, but last year I took Melissa Kruger’s recommendation for a different plan. I used it last year, liked it and plan to use it again this year.
    Here it is: http://www.bibleclassmaterial.com/BibleReadingSchedule2017forBCM.pdf

    I really just use it for a checklist to keep me on track, rather than day by day, as I really like to sit down and read in big swatches. In addition, I always have a commentary going on the side for an indepth study of one book at a time.

    Also, for Christmas I got the new 6-vol ESV Readers Bible, not marked by chapter or verse numbers, and plan to use that in addition.

    No greater joy than studying the Bible.

    Ron Maness


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