Idols of a Mother’s Heart: Book Review and Giveaway

I have a copy of Christina Fox’s new book to give away. If you’d like to enter, please share this review on social media and leave a comment here. I’ll announce the winner next week. Here is an excerpt of my review:

If you’re a parent and a Christian, you’ve probably read your share of parenting books. Of the making of self-help parenting books, there is seemingly no end. If, like the writer of Ecclesiastes, you’ve been wearied by such study, Christina Fox’s new book, Idols of a Mother’s Heart, will be a balm for your soul. While Christina’s book is directed at mothers, there is much in her writing that would comfort, encourage, and challenge fathers as well.

Unlike so many of the books on parenting that I’ve read, Christina’s book isn’t about smacking you on the head with what you’re doing wrong. Her approach isn’t like Bob Newhart’s counseling skit. She doesn’t simply tell you to “Stop it!” From beginning to end, Christina’s message is gospel-centered and full of grace for us all.

Christina reminds us that our purpose is to glorify God and worship Him (37). Our identity and meaning aren’t meant to be found in motherhood, or fatherhood, but in Christ who has redeemed us (111). Our value and worth aren’t in our achievements and successes as parents. Instead, “our worth is grounded in who Christ is for us, and what He accomplished on our behalf” (122).

Since that’s true, why focus on motherhood and the idols we may have as mothers? Parenting can make us more aware of our sin in ways we didn’t expect (24-25). Christina writes:

First, as mothers, we all face the problem of the presence of remaining sin in our life. Secondly, motherhood is hard. It is challenging and stretching in unique ways, different from other areas of our life. Thirdly, motherhood is another area of our life God uses to transform us. (31)

In other words, parenthood can reveal idols we may not have known we worship. How can we identify our idols?

Read the rest of the review at Reformation 21.

14 thoughts on “Idols of a Mother’s Heart: Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Rachel Dial says:

    This book sounds like an awesome resource! As a mother of two small children I have definitely been able to see more sin in my life. I would love to be able to identify more idols in my life and grow a closer relationship with Jesus.


  2. Persis L says:

    This looks like a good addition to the church library and a welcome change from all the parenting books that smack you on the head.


  3. Van Fisher says:

    Parenting is our ministry, and training children in the way they should go our course objective, teaching them all that Christ commanded. We who depend on Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation should depend on Chirst’s guidance to help bring our loved ones into the fold.


  4. Margaret says:

    I fully love the truth that our identity and meaning are not from motherhood or fatherhood but in our redemption by Christ. What a joy and comfort.


  5. J. Nix says:

    I look forward to this one! Especially looking forward to contrasting it with some works by someone asserting that our identity is in our husband and children.


  6. Gail Chang says:

    I just read most of this book, but something seemed off. I find an over-emphasis on a deep soul-searching and categorizing of idols which reside in the old man of our heart. Focus on all of the sins and idols we can find within, and thus live in guilt and shame. We can confess and repent of all of these idols, more on to forgiveness in Christ, but then constantly be on the lookout for more idols. When do we get free, and focus our life on worshipping Christ and enjoying His mercy and grace which surrounds our daily lives, even in the midst of trials? We are to put off the old man, and to put on the new man in Christ. Live in His joy and peace. I am just trying to verbalize what I am understanding, so more comments are welcome.


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